Redeemer City to City Conference in Sydney

by / Wednesday, 27 February 2013 / Published in Events

From the Centre Church conference website: Tim Keller has recently released his new book, Centre Church, and with it a whole new way of thinking about mission and ministry. Between theology and practice, Keller locates what he calls ‘theological vision’, a time-and-place contextualised articulation of the gospel, which brings clarity and power to how we do three things:
• speak into and persuade a sceptical and secularised culture
• impact on and transform individuals,
• generate and sustain a movement of churches into becoming a ‘gospel ecosystem’

On March 13-14 2013, church leaders and planters will be gathering at Scots Church, Sydney to take the concept of theological vision to the next level, applied deeply and practically to an Australian context. Over the 2 days, each session will begin with stimulus material from Tim Keller video resources which explore the contours of theological vision. But then these concepts will be looked at through Australian eyes, with practitioners – planters, preachers and pastors – explaining their practice of the particular aspect of theological vision. And then the real work begins, as each of us gets to work out what it would mean in our context.

If you long for a greater fruitfulness in mission, and a deeper transformation in the lives of God’s people, and a powerful unity amongst churches in reaching Australia, then this event is not to be missed. Find out more and register at the Centre Church Conference website here.